Marina Brekhounets


Ragaa Ezzat

Hi Marina,

It was very nice meeting with you last Sunday, you have such a great personality make people feel warm and like you are a sister, a relative or like knowing you for a very long time.I think you will do great in the real estate business because that is what people look for. I look forward meeting with you again.




I received the information you sent and the first opportunity I get I plan to review it at length.  For this I sincerely thank you - I can honestly say that when I am ready to make the leap and purchase a new home, that you will be the agent I turn to.  I am old school in the respect that I choose to do business exclusively with those who possess certain qualities - specifically those of respect, sincerity and kindness, all of which you have demonstrated in excess.
Have a wonderful day and thanks so much again!

Joni Crick

Most of the people do not realize the hard work a real estate agent is involved in. My husband and I appreciate your professionalism, care, honesty and hard work.

You always find time for us and work hard to satisfy our needs and make our move easy without hassle.

Thank you.

Jenna N. Chrysczanavicz

Hi Marina, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did! You were great, and I appreciate everything you did to help us. I couldn't be anymore happier in my new home, thanks to you!
Thanks Again, Enjoy your weekend and Take Care!

Chris Schaffer

Hi everyone!
Several weeks ago I sent an email to all of you requesting info on getting rid 
of some junk and more recently I once again asked for help obtaining a copy of
the book "Your First Home". I would just like to take a moment to thank you all
for the tremendous response that I received.
It's just more proof that KW is much more than just another Real Estate
Brokerage. Thanks again everyone and have a great tomorrow!

Hello all!
I just want to thank everyone that responded to my request for a
roofer. The response was great and I got a roofer for my client. Thanks
for taking time from your day to offer your help! I always brag to
clients and potential clients how valuable it is to have so many agents
and their spheres as a tremendous resource. Thanks again!